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Posted on 01 Aug 2009 at 3:40pm

A look at the theories of LOST Season 5 and possibilities for what Season 6 might hold! The article is a little lengthy but the detail and research that it goes into will blow your mind. So many possible links to so many different stories in history. The writers of LOST always keeping us on our toes – always questioning where it’s going next, this article brings some of the possibilities to us.

In ”The Incident,” we got flashbacks showing that Jacob was present at key moments in the off-Island lives of many Lostaways, like when John Locke got tossed out the window by his bad dad or during Jack Shephard’s apocryphal ”count to five” fear-squelching episode. Each of these close encounters included a conspicuous touch — Jacob laying his hands on Jin and Sun at their wedding to offer a blessing, Jacob brushing fingers with Young James Ford as he gave him a pen, Jacob tapping Young Kate on the nose after bailing her out of a shoplifting jam. Everyone he met got touched.

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