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LOST to Bring Back Season 1 Cast!

Posted on 01 Aug 2009 at 5:03pm

It’s confirmed now! LOST will bring back the cast of season 1 along with Juliet, Farraday, and more! There was speculation on whether Dominic Monaghan (Charlie) was going to return for Season 6 after ABC aired a commercial advertising their hit shows that had him along with several other characters from their hit shows playing Foosball together. After seeing him appear on the LOST Comic Con Panel I think it’s safe to assume he will be there! Plus the following statements were made by the writers:

Getting Lost: The Episode Producers Would Rather Forget, and More

Posted on 03 May 2009 at 1:39am

• On the heels of Lost celebrating its 100th episode, executive producer Damon Lindelof reveals the hour in time that he and Carlton Cuse wish they could get back.

• Have viewers been shown all of the Smoke Monster’s secrets? Get Cuse’s answer.

• How did Hurley find out about Flight 316? I reveal the theory shared by 77 percent of you.

Watch the full Video over at TV… Click Here

E! Online Poll – Does Sawyer Belong With Kate or Juliet?

Posted on 03 May 2009 at 1:25am

It’s time for another TV Love Debate, powered by extremely fabulous arguments written by you the fans in favor of one or another romantic TV pairings. This time around, we debate two Lost possibilities: Sawyer and Freckles or Jim LaFleur and Juliet? Should the show go for the crazy drama of Skate or the devoted commitment of Suliet? We’ve got your pros and cons and your opportunity to vote inside!

Read the Full Article and Cast a vote by Clicking Here (E! Online)..

‘Lost’ Recap: A Twist of Fate

Posted on 03 May 2009 at 1:21am

We need to talk about Daniel Faraday getting gunned down by his mom. (He’s dead, I think — but not for long.) We need to talk about the frazzled physicist’s plan to reboot history by nuking the Island with our long-lost leaky H-bomb friend, Jughead. (Might I suggest he start looking for it somewhere in the shadow of the statue?) And yes, we need to talk about the revelation that Charles Widmore is Danny-boy’s father. (Brits for parents? So how come Faraday speaks Americanese?) But first, I want to talk about the Wired magazine cameo. We saw it on Faraday’s couch, just as Widmore took a seat and offered his noodle-cooked son passage to Brain Healing Island aboard his Black Freighter of Keamy Death. It was the August 2003 issue of Wired — ”The Super-Powers Issue” — devoted to the plausible science behind far-fetched stuff like invisibility, X-ray vision, and yes, time travel. The cover featured an archetypal superhero blasting white light out of his Cyclops-visored eyes and breaking a link of chain with his Man of Steel bare hands. The headline: ”The Impossible Gets Real!”

Read the Full Article at ‘Lost’ Recap: A Twist of Fate… (Entertainment Weekly)

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